If you stay in the lapse of Himalayas, the topography is steep and sloping where gardening might seem like a challenge. Gardening basically means caring for a plot of ground devoted partially or wholly to the growing of plants such as flowers, herbs, or vegetables.

The month of January can be full of bright, crispy and frosty days with occasional snowy periods. It can be wet or dry but one thing gardeners can generally bank on is that it will be cold!

All day we stay in our offices so we are unable to take time to enjoy our lives. That’s why we rarely have the opportunity to relish the outdoors.

How great would that be to get up each morning feeling the warmth of sun rays where the cool morning breeze blows over your face to wake you up, being invited into the perfect new day by the musical trilling of the birds and then taking a tranquil walk around the dew-secured grass. After that watching the enthralling sun ascend in its bright greatness. To end the day loosening up with the setting sun would be wonderful. To let your everyday stress fly away with the withdrawing herd of flying creatures, thinking about your place in this world while lying underneath the incalculable stars, and letting the night mend your distresses while you gradually rest.

So why does people feel this need to take up Gardening? I began planting to feel associated with our environment and our planet. I love cultivating and sustaining different lives around me as it makes me feel invigorated and appreciate life. It takes little amount of work and the prizes that I get to appreciate, season after season, are huge. Gardening makes me feel empathetic to give back a touch of something to our minding Mother Nature, whom we purported “prevalent species” and have constantly manhandled and decimated.

Gardening is a great way to blow off steam. When we experience winter season in the lap of Himalayas one thought that comes to my mind is to start planting. It establishes a connection with nature that we usually don’t get to have because of our busy schedules. Gardening acts as a therapy where you can just chill out. It improves your physical health and mental well- being. When you are gardening you are creating food.

Cheer up when you feel like everything else is not going right in your life. Sometimes, gardening is associated with happy memories. No fruit or vegetable can ever taste as good as that which you’ve grown with your own hands. It will give you so many memories that you will never forget in your whole life. Preparing a beautiful meal with your home grown veggies gives you an amazing sense of achievement. Getting down and dirty in the nursery. Getting your hands grimy in the nursery can expand your serotonin levels – contact with soil and a particular soil microscopic organisms, Mycobacterium vaccae, triggers the arrival of serotonin in our cerebrum as indicated by inquire about.

When I watch nature carefully it instructs me to be wild yet modest, aggressive yet grounded, and fun loving yet quiet. It educates to show restraint after losing a person or a significant thing as everything will turn to dust one day and from the residue life will develop once again. It makes me value a wide range of living things and their brilliant habits- from wavy twining vines to solid firm trees, from consistently sprouting bougainvillea to everlastingly prickly plants, from bouncing squirrels to smooth pigeons, from uproarious frogs to quiet owls.

It has made me appreciate the worth of each person around me and trust them completely regardless of how unique their ways possibly are. It has made me more grounded by instructing me to stand firm on one’s ground during difficult times and be adaptable with the changing winds. Lastly, it instructed me to be basic and tolerant, and to not lose control at different circumstances.

In this quick paced world everybody is in a rush. When individuals have some free time they want to accomplish other tasks. Planting by its very nature is a moderate action. It urges you to back off, reconnect with nature and figure out how to discover bliss in small things.

Cultivating can offer you extreme joy as you can stop all things and just appreciate nature. Finding the correct kind of plants for your nursery is very important. If you have enough space, you can design a little lake or an entertainment spot for your nursery, making a safe house for yourself to just unwind. In case you like specific flowers, you can consolidate them into explicit places in your nursery. Each time you step out you will see these blossoms sprouting, giving you a sentiment of prosperity.

Looking after your nursery can keep you connected with the world around you. Finally, you have the chance to move away from the stressful city life and just embrace nature.

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